Colby Young|Community Service

Spreading Our Aloha

Giving to the community is the base of our business. Without the community and the people it is comprised of, we have no business. Everyone we meet, everyone we serve, everyone that shares in our gift to give is who we strive to impress.

Who am I?

I, Colby Young, am a Hawai`i born American. I am Hawaiian, Chinese, and Japanese by blood and my roots and upbringing has made me the man I am today. Growing up in Hawai`i, I was taught that giving to others was the most important part of living. Why be successful if you are not willing to share it with others? The everyday people is an unseen cog in the wheel of everyone's business and we at Ylife TEch want to ensure we hold the trust of everyone by allowing us to give back to every single person that we encounter.